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Kindergarten Chronicles:     You get a Heartbeat!

It's said that the heart beats approximately 104,000 times in a day. Have you taken a second to thank God for your heartbeat? We have been studying the human body and the Littles have been putting things into perspective...

Little 1: (Jumping up and down with excitement) Ms. Kia, Ms. Kia my heart is beating. Me: Yes Little you wouldn't be jumping if it wasn't. Little 1: It's our day because we get a heartbeat. Little 2: If we didn't have a heartbeat our mom's heart would not love anymore. Me: We should be very thankful to be given a heartbeat each day. Little 1: (Having an Oprah moment...Touching each Friend): "You get a heartbeat, You get a heartbeat, You get a heartbeat." Me:😉

Little 1: I gave everyone a heartbeat because my cousin has to sleep at the hospital because she has a whole in her heart.

Little 2: Well if we put our heartbeats together the while will get smaller and smaller.

Me: 😢(who's cutting onions)

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