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Meet Nikia

Nanny NiKee

Nikia Robinson, often referred to as the modern day Mary Poppins, is The Innovative Educator. She does this by finding and creating innovative and unusual ways for children to learn through play. Among other things, this means ensuring that each child is treated as an individual, each lesson represents the different learning types, and that the lessons are fun and inviting.

She began her career in 2005 as a Christian Preschool Teacher which was a perfect fit enabling her to create a bubbling and vibrant atmosphere where young children could learn through play. Since then she has served in various capacities including as a Child Care Professional, Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Educator, and Professional Nanny. Today she serves as owner of Nannyopolis, LLC Agency, and Director of El Bethel's Global Classroom.

Nikia has been recognized for her work receiving awards such as Featured Teacher and Teacher of the Year at La Petite Academy, and Teacher of the Month multiple times at Children's Learning Adventure. Albert Einstein said it best, "Creativity is intelligence having fun". Children are her passion. She is driven by teaching outside of the box. Nikia is rated the best and is highly recommended by parents and people from different walks of life.

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