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You Grow Girl!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

"If God cares so wonderfully for the flowers, He will certainly care for YOU!"

Distinctively captivating, unique pops of color, charming undeniable fragrance, and perfect shape, flowers are the most extravagant gifts to love. Have you ever thought about what happens when a person purchases a bouquet of flowers. That bouquet is placed in a special area that not only helps it survive but also helps others flourish. The senses are heightened and just the presence of the bouquet changes its surroundings. I adore flowers and took a second to appreciate what they really mean to me. Flowers were intricately designed to show us how to survive. Flowers are picked, stepped on, dragged, poked and prodded, but not a day goes by that they are not loved and taken care of. Just as a bouquet is specially created, we are no different. We were designed and strategically placed here on Earth to thrive and help others grow. We go through so many things in life but we never go a day without being cared for. The awesome thing I have always marveled about flowers, is that they always rise above. Flowers genuinely create happiness by just being. The presence of flowers bring a cheerful ambiance. There are no fake smiles, moods are lighter, and there's less stress and anxiety. Let's just face it, you are the flower...Weeds may be surrounding you but the beautiful thing about life is that you decide if you will change and grow. You aren't defined by what's before, beside, or behind you. You choose to stay underground or break through the dirt, face the sun, and just burst forth. I'm rooting for you! You Grow Girl!

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1 comentario

10 ago 2019

Beautifully written and I love the analogy between humans and flowers!

Me gusta
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