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Trust or Sink

Do you trust in God? "Trust in God" gets thrown around so much that some people say it but don't really truly understand what it means. When you hear the word "trust" what comes to your mind first? Even if you don't really understand what it means, you practice it each and every day. When you set your alarm, you trust that it will go off and wake you up at its appointed time. When you brush your teeth, you trust that the toothpaste will remove the dirt from your teeth, and get rid of your bad breath. You trust that your parents will return when they drop you off somewhere. What makes you trust your parents? You trust your parents because they continually care for you and have built that trust bond with you over and over again. There are times when your parents may be late picking you up, and you are left waiting on them, or your alarm clock may not go off and you are late, or you end up with a cavity, even after brushing after each meal. Your trust is wavered and you get that sinking feeling. That feeling that brings on worry. You put your trust in a multitude of things each day, so why not put your trust in God. He's always there, wakes you up each day, makes sure you're fed, comforts you when you're hurt, and provides for you more than anyone. He makes sure that you don't sink.

In this object lesson, when the paper clips are dropped into the water, they sink to the bottom. The paper clips represents your trust. But when the paper clip is placed on the bent paper clip, which represents God, it floats on the water. So let me ask you one more time, do you trust God?

Music: B.there.4.u

Musician: Jef

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Jul 09, 2020

Looove this

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