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The Hope Rope (Tetherball Object Lesson)

Have you ever played tetherball? You know, the great simple game that includes a pole, a piece of rope, and a ball that's constantly moving? If you haven't here's how it works: You and another person battle it out by grabbing, smacking, and throwing the “tethered” ball in opposite directions. Ultimately trying to gain a point by hitting the ball hard enough until the rope and ball is tightly wrapped around the pole. I once heard someone compare life to the game of Tetherball. They shatter it as, "You can't see yourself as the tetherball player, but rather see yourself as the ball." The ball that gets bounced around in all different situations or sometimes just lying still against the sturdy steel pole out in the middle of the playground. The ball that can get hit hard but is always brought back to that centering post by the sturdy rope. Did you know that God is that post, that firm foundation. The rope that God holds you with? That rope is made of promises and hope proclaimed in God’s Word. That rope is made of a Savior named Jesus, and an advocate–the Holy Spirit. Nothing that the world can throw at you will keep you from being separated from God. That is a powerful promise. Even when you don’t know where to turn, the trajectory of your faith will always bring you circling back into the arms of your good good father. What am I asked to do? Simply believe. Believe that you are attached to that life giving rope. Can you imagine how free that ball must feel? Spinning, spinning, and always knowing it will come back to rest against its firm foundation." Romans 8:39 let's us know that nothing can separate is from the love of God.

Music: Trip to the East

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