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Reclaiming Your Joy

While you're “reclaiming your time”, don't forget to “reclaim your joy”. It seems as children, joy was the gift that kept on giving. But as we grew older, and started adulting with responsibilities and handling adult problems, the gift comes and goes as it pleases. We have to take things seriously and be intentional and not take joy for granted. Everything God created is a remedy to a problem. The solution to lost joy is time well spent with God and endless laughter. It physically takes more muscles to frown, than to laugh. So, keep laughing and give your face a rest. Instead of obsessing over, “what if I’m not joyful?” and say “even if I don’t feel joy, I still have joy”. Do whatever you have to do and find what joy is left inside or around you, and it will burn out the joylessness. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I’m not saying that it will be easy or happen overnight, but you were created to do tough things. The key to it all is learning to become radically, ridiculously joyful.

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