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Raise Your Praise

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Have you received any unexpected, bills, washer stops working, tv breaks,etc.? Does it seem that things are continually going wrong and you're unable to catch a break or take a breather? Are there way more bills than money in your account? Do you feel like you’re working really hard, but see no progress? Is your health failing, but the medical bills increasing? Are you at that breaking point and ready to throw your hands up and risk it all? Have you ever been there? You're not alone. We can't flee our tests and trials. Even if you are the most devoted Christian, who loves Jesus and Jesus only, you will have to go through some things. What you can and should do is throw your hands up and not give up, but praise God. As I heard someone say, "This too shall pass, it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass". Don't let those short term problems empty You. Praise is our most powerful tool. You are connected to the God of hope, who has an endless amount of hope. So praise God until you're filled again.

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