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Pop up for Yourself

Just popping in to say, you cannot allow hashtags like #friendshipgoals, #bodygoals, #relationshipgoals, #weightlossgoals, and #marriagegoals mask who you truly are in hoping to be like someone else. Let's start a new trend and hashtag #popupforyourself.

Don't ask God to bless you like them. Ask Him to bless you like YOU. You are entirely up to You! Embrace your God given identity. You are a masterpiece. You were carefully created by the best of the best. Picasso had nothing on God. It's great to be inspired by someone, but don't copy them. Don't downplay what God has for you by begging for someone else's blessings. He has an abundance of blessing stored especially for you. So praise God through whatever unwanted #goals may pop up, but most of all remember to popup for you.

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