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Hidden in Plain Sight

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

"Who me?, I would never do such a thing, Why would anyone say such a thing?, and this is so wrong", were only a few of the words racing through my mind when I received a picture message from someone saying, "Is this you?" It was a photo of me holding my Nanny Kid. The picture wasn't what was disturbing but the words of the person who posted the picture sent chills down my spine. I was a Teacher and Nannying at the time. We were at an indoor play place and one of my Littles saw another Little with a banana and kept asking me for one, so I had promised that after play time, we would go to the store and purchase bananas. So as promised, once we left we went to get their bananas. By the time we arrived home they were all asleep. As I carried the last of the three to his room, my phone dings. I put the little down, double checked the others and finally sit down to read the message. It was a picture of me. Someone had posted it in an online group saying things such as, "If this is your babysitter, you need to fire her now". The person went on to say, I was treating the little like a rag doll, abusing her, and so on. That one picture was shared by hundreds of people, people were threatening to kill me, and it even went nationwide and was shared on multiple abuse sites. After a barrage of other incidents that occurred, the childrens' parents contacted the social media outlets, explained what actually happened and had the posts removed. The person who instigated all of this hoopla, apologized. I said all this to get to this point. The internet makes it easy for people to find a person and expose their identity within a matter of seconds. Yet, even with the amount of shares, likes, angry faces, reposts, and comments, from that one picture, no one knew who I really was. They didn't know my name, where I lived, who the children were, etc. With an accusation as such, I could have lost my job as a Teacher, Nanny, and Sunday school Teacher. I really don't know what the accuser's motives were, but I do know that God kept me safe. He hid me in plain sight. The weapons formed but they didn't prosper. The accuser became powerless when I was unaffected by the post. If you don't remember anything else never forget that with all that was taking place, God was my greatest defense, I didn't need to defend myself.

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