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God's Not Through With You!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Until recently, I cringed a little when I heard people throwing around the phrase, "God's not through with me yet". In my opinion, it was just an excuse for people to continue bad behavior. However, after stumbling across something I wrote a while ago, I had to reconsider my opinion on that subject. The letter caused me to think back on a season when fear had taken over. Someone very close to me had passed away and I felt empty. She was a great woman that I looked up to, and I didn't understand why such a great person had to die. In my young mind, if good people died, I didn't want to be called a good person. This whole ordeal caused me to shut down and weeks passed without me talking to anyone. I thought that if I was not in contact with anyone, then no one could say that I was a good girl, and my life would be spared. My choice to not communicate, wasn't the best choice. I may not have been dying physically, but I was dying inside. I remember sitting inside of my closet and not saying a word but my all knowing God just blanketed me and gave me comfort with His words. "You're not going anywhere, I'm not through with you." Satan likes to make us feel like God has abandoned us, but we know He's still there. His word is certain even in uncertain times. Every promise He'll perform and each word He's spoken will come to pass. If the devil is sticking his head up in your life, step on his tail. He just won't win. God's not through with you yet. God has not forsaken you now and He won't forsake you in the future. God has great plans for you; far better than you can imagine. Keep hanging in there because God's not through with you.

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