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Focus on Jesus

So many people are screaming "self care" and they have it all wrong. Self care is not always about going on dates, taking trips, hot bubble bath, or doing whatever you want. Self care is remembering what not to do when you're stressed and being a worry wart about life's circumstances. It's basically keeping your focus on Jesus. I remember dealing with a bad bout of vertigo not long ago. I would get so dizzy and nauseous and would worry myself so much that I would feel worse than I should have. I had been advised and learned many ways of helping to ease how I felt. One of the best tips at the time was, if I felt dizzy and if I wasn't in a place to do the exercises that were given, I should find one place to focus my eyes until it passed. While singing in the choir one Sunday morning, a dizzy spell decided to show up. It was so bad that I couldn't focus. My eyes were moving rapidly left to right and I started breathing and sweating heavily. Immediately I started to panic. I was like "it's not the time or place for this". It was during praise and worship, so I tried my best to not make it obvious. I found a focal point, took deep breaths, and had a talk with Jesus. The dizziness subsided and I continued to sing. There are so many things we come against. We were not promised that when we become Christians, we will not have problems. Worrying gives the situation at hand power and undermines God's power. It's important to remember that our focus determines our realty. We have to keep our focus on Jesus.

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