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Espresso Yourself!

Close your eyes and let your senses take you on a getaway. Take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air and smell of the salty sea. Picture the sun casting down on the golden sand covering the floor and let the gentle sea breeze run through your hair as you listen for the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Now open your eyes. How did that make you feel? Most people are strongly expressing their feelings and utter disgust of being stuck in the house. Everything’s shut down and people are not only glued to their computers, but their homes also. Instead of letting the quarantine get to me, I changed the monotony of what’s being called our “new normal”. I set aside some time to go on coffee dates with God. What do I do during this time? I’m all dressed up, set the atmosphere with some music, choose my favorite coffee mug, I start by closing my eyes, inhaling the lovely scent of my coffee, exhaling whatever happened throughout the day and then enjoy my Café au Lait while listening and learning from God. It’s no secret that I love coffee but having it with God makes it so much better. “Did you know that inhaling the aroma of coffee may reverse the effects that stress have on our bodies.” The smell of coffee is influential. It is said that the “aroma of coffee releases powerful antioxidants in our bodies to protect nerve cells from stress related damage, even if we don’t drink it”. Enjoy a quiet moment with God and let Him influence you. Espresso yourself and remember, God doesn’t have COVID-19, you can get close to Him! God loves you, and so do I!

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