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Divine Referee

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Are you going through, lacking peace, and seem to just be missing something in your life? Just as in sports when something is going wrong on the court, the referee blows the whistle. That screeching sound causes everyone to stop, the referee puts things back in order and the ball is ultimately back in play. In a similar manner, God is the referee in this game of life. He's on the winning team. He wrote the playbook, is fair with the rules, and orders us to be victorious. When things are not going right in your life, maybe God has blown the whistle and called a time out to reroute your path. You might bend but you won’t break. You might hurt but you will recover. You might be in a temporary timeout but you will be put back in the game. This powerful referee has secured your victory! Stop downplaying your victory. God didn't create us to be defeated. He created us to be victorious. "When God's the referee, His play on our behalf insures our triumph and His glory".

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