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Crown On

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

"The Kingdom of God is within YOU!"

We went from “Keeping up with the Joneses, to keeping up with algorithms, hashtags, likes, and followers. Social media has a knack for telling you that you aren’t doing enough. Posts that state, “Be like this person, do more of this, and dream like them”, send mixed messages and make you question your worth. It all can be a bit overwhelming with everyone seeming to have a message or thinking they have a solution to your problem. While all social media posts are not reaching to harm you, the volume and intensity of it all can be heavy at times. I just want to remind and encourage you. You are more than enough. The shoe actually fits. You are The King’s kid. Don’t let them force you into falling for their knockoff identity. You can’t sway with worldly expectations and anticipate a Kingdom outcome. When it all boils down, your goals aren’t about you. God and His kingdom agenda is what it's all about. You are joint heirs with Christ So just go and be about you Father’s business.

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