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Consider Yourself!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

One of my Littles recently lost a tooth. He bust through the doors, announcing that he was a big boy now and could do all of his work without help. "You can?" I asked, struck with amazement, but also making sure to not break his spirit. During our morning meeting, the Little raised his hand to answer all questions. He was able to tell me the date, his numbers, and the sounds of the alphabet unassisted. We sat together to work in his academic journal which was a big challenge beforehand. But on this particular day the "big boy" pushed me to the side and finished all by himself. He was rewarded with high fives and thumbs up. He was gleaming with excitement and extremely proud of himself. That day he had an extra pep in his step. Before I left for the day, he stopped me, gave me a hug and said, "I can do it all now because I'm growing up. I'm a big boy now". I answered, "that's the best way to look at it." We have to think as the Little did. Change how we see ourselves in our minds and our lives will follow suit. The way we see ourselves determines the outcome of our lives. Believing he was different after losing his tooth changed his perspective, making his thoughts about completing his schoolwork switch for the better. I knew that he was more than capable academically when he had his tooth but he had to see it all for himself. We have to keep in our minds that the way others perceive us is not important. What we believe about ourselves is what really matters. We are God's choice. He specifically created us to accomplish everything He place in our hearts and minds. Consider Yourself. Believe in yourself!

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