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Christmas Tree Prayers

Creative Ways to Pray With Kids…Day 7:

Christmas Tree Prayers

Ornaments and lights are used to decorate a Christmas tree. Some have special meanings and may tell a story while others goes with a color scheme but they are both special because they light the tree up and accentuates it’s beauty. Children love to help decorate, rearrange, and look at the special objects placed on a tree so why not get them involved. As an ornament is placed on your Christmas tree, have the children pray for a child who can’t pray for themselves. This helps them think of others and get in the habit of praying.

Let’s Pray,


Thank you for being the light. Just as ornaments and lights are added to beatify our trees, let my prayers be like a Christmas light that lights up the lives of those who aren’t able to pray for themselves. In Jesus’ name…Amen 🙏🏾

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