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In My Humble Opinion: Did you Die for Me?

"Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business". "NiKee why aren't you doing this?" "You're so creative you should be doing that." "If you do it this way this will happen". "You should be at this level by now". "You could be here financially, but you're here". The older I become, I realize that people's opinions are irrelevant. They are the cheapest thing that can be found in this world. Everyone has one. I heard a quote that said, "Don't let the opinions of someone who didn't die for you, influence what you do for someone who did". Wow that is a Word! We should all completely do what God has given our hearts to desire and don't worry about what others think. We live in a society that coin phrases like, "you could do whatever you like", but when it comes to God they try and limit you. Those who try and push me to do things are not pushing me towards Godly things. They want me to take shortcuts and rush the process. I'm doing things the unpopular way. It may cost me some things, stretch me a little, cause some tough love and growing, but God has me. So, from now on when someone comes to you trying to change God's plans ask them, "Did you Die for Me?"

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