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Don't Steal the Pen!

We live in a day and time of endless comparison. As soon as someone posts something about their lives, others are running around and trying to see what they can do to have or get what the other person has. Our lives shouldn't be a series of comparing and contrasting. Social media heightens the lifestyle of comparison by falsely advertising what seems to be someone else's exciting life. With the click of a button, a swipe to the left, right, and a few scrolls, you get a unreal sense that your life is boring and doesn't have much worth. Not much has changed, people are still comparing position, accomplishments, appearance, possessions. The internet has basically enlarged the access to other people’s lives, but truthfully you’re only seeing what others want you to see. What you see causes you to Equate who has more Followers, repins, Facebook friends and retweets. That's mind boggling. Your focus should be on writing your own story. Hand the pen God and Let Him make it a best seller. The best part is that He will not just magnify the good but the bad will be there also to show people that because of Him, you made it through. You are a masterpiece. Stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your uniquely fashioned and God-given talents. God is detailed oriented, so give Him the pen.

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